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Working Together For Tennessee's Children

Stages of Childhood

Children grow and change every day—and no one is more interested in children\'s growth than their parents or other caregivers. This growth is physical, mental, social, and emotional. It affects how they develop trust with other children and adults, learn self-control, and grow physically. If you have questions about your child\'s individual development, have a conversation with your pediatrician or other healthcare provider about your concerns.

Helping Your Child Grow

These booklets from several early-childhood partners in Tennessee give you activities to support your child's growth in the areas of Speech and Language, Cognitive, Social-Emotional, and Physical Development.

A booklet for school-age activities is being developed.



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Additional Resources

These sites provide trusted information on your child's physical, social, and emotional growth:

The Centers for Disease Control has long been a trusted source for safety and health information. The CDC's Parent Portal provides information specifically for parents, from developmental milestones to vaccination alerts.

Healthy Children is the official website of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Zero to Three focuses on information related to these early years.

The Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning promotes the social/emotional development and school readiness of young children.

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